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Residence U Vaňkovky

In the direct vicinity of Galerie Vaňkovka and Palác Trnitá, a new development project is being built, a sensitively reconstructed and modernly expanded Art Nouveau corner building, which is part of the future boulevard of the expanding center of Brno.

Thanks to the preservation of the original Art Nouveau building, we offer attractive spaces with high ceilings, which you won’t get in a regular building. Airiness and space are typical of the whole project.

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Energy saving solution for the Residence u Vaňkovky project

Secondary energy production (heat/cooling)

The production of secondary energy (heat and cold) is provided by a central source, which is a heat pump with a high heating coefficient of performance (COP). The advantage of heat energy production by the heat pump is its minimal dependence on changes in primary energy prices (especially electricity prices). Minimal dependence on changes in primary energy prices is achieved by low electricity consumption – to supply 1kWh of heat energy, the installed heat pump needs 0.3 kWh of electricity.

Electricity distribution

The distribution and metering of the electricity consumed is provided by a system consisting of a central billing meter and sub-meters located in each residential or commercial unit. This mechanism directly saves the payment for the distribution part. As standard, each dwelling unit would have a 3x25A fused billing meter. A modern electricity distribution system will also bring users lower prices than they would pay to a standard regional distributor.

Electricity generation

Electricity generation is provided by a rooftop photovoltaic power plant that produces over 55MWh annually. This energy will primarily serve as input to the heat pump, further reducing the dependence of the energy price on the market price of primary energy for the users of the building. In the event that the PV plant’s production exceeds the heat pump’s current consumption, the PV plant will start supplying electricity directly to the central billing meter and therefore to the individual housing units.


Electromobility is ensured by the building’s master control system and the use of the building’s current spare capacity for the most efficient distribution of electricity. Synergies are exploited throughout the apartment building to achieve the best possible conditions for the distribution of electricity and therefore the cost of its consumption.

Building Management System – BMS

The apartment building has a central measurement and control system that interconnects the sub-control systems and works with them in real-time. BMS Provides not only data but also part-by-part accounting for primary and secondary units. The BMS also provides for cases where a media failure or leak may occur. At the same time, the building management system includes a complex interconnection of the individual technologies of central heating, cooling, ventilation and CO detection. Everything is integrated into a robust system connected to a cloud-based control room. The system uses advanced control algorithms and also includes automatic prediction of faults and abnormal conditions.


The building access control system uses a touchless ACS system that is connected to a robust, presentable-looking intercom at the building entrance. The indoor communication units, including a 7″ LCD, can transmit audio and video to a mobile app, as well as control doors and garage doors. The integration of SmartHome into this control element is made possible by an integrated communication interface (gateway) with the possibility of easy extension with PlugAndPlay functions.

New center of Brno

Comfortable living, business at a great address, conservative safe investment, prospective location, high ceilings, quality interior equipment, high standard, low operating costs, basement cubicles, and parking – these are the advantages of the project Rezidence U Vaňkovky.

Luxury address

The location is exclusive due to its accessibility to the city center, public transport, and the exit from the city to D1 and D2.

The reconstructed building is a part of the emerging new zone of the city center, the construction of which has already de facto started.

Thanks to the good accessibility of all services and leisure activities or sports, and also thanks to the wide range of offerings, there is something for everyone in our project.


Generous space and airiness

High ceilings that no other project can offer are one of our advantages.

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