Residence U Vaňkovky, Opuštená-Propojená st., Brno

The boulevard of which our project will be a part will be the main link between the new station and the city center. It will offer users a view of the dominant feature of Brno – St. Peter and Paul. The fifty-metre wide boulevard will be lined with houses with shops and services on the ground floor, will have wide sidewalks with tree-lined streets, and tram, motor and bicycle transport will be an integral part of it.

Our project has an interesting future potential, it is located in a new central district lined with the Svratka waterfront, parks, and the landmark Petrov on the horizon. Its heart will be a wide boulevard that will extend from the future main railway station to Nové Sady Street. It will be flanked on both sides by houses and trees, with plenty of space for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and public transport.

The new urban district will be surrounded by a park that will connect the Svratka River with the city center.

Among the essential requirements for the comfortable use of our building belongs, of course, a sufficient amount of parking spots.